About Tobi Tajomavwo


Lets start off  with the fact that you're probably struggling to say my last name...dont worry it took me some time too. So, this is how you say it... tah-joe-maa-whoa don't worry about the "V" that bad boy is silent.

Now lets have a learning session on how to pronounce it. 

Tah ( like Tah from tahoe)

Joe ( like have a cup of  joe in the morning)

Maa ( like you in the country on a farm and yelling to your mom but instead of  saying mom, you say maa!)  

Whoa (like whoa, hold up! this is a cool learning session) 

BOOM! You just learned how to say my last name, clap for yourself !

Now that we got that out of the way... Heeey! so glad you're on my page and tuned into TobiTalks. I am a Cali born, Texas raised Nigerian who loves people, FOOD, life,travel, God and my amazing Huzz-band. 

I've been in the healthcare industry for the past 7 years with 5 of those years working as a registered nurse. I'm about living my best life in every way possible and uplifting others to do the same! I like to talk...A LOT, Especially about things that inspire me and are dear to my heart like my culture, my marriage and the fun journey of being a nurse.

I work with an team of amazing people who makes TobiTalks possible for me to share my experiences, challenges and advice with you! So snap off ya wig (or toupee) and relax your feet because I am the conversationalist and I can't wait to talk to you!


let nothing stop you from Living your BEST life now
— Tobi Taj