You're Not Alone

I was alone.

I went into this healthcare field as a new nurse feeling completely alone. I didn't have anyone I could turn to and get the honest truth about what its like to be a nurse. It's a heavy, overwhelming feeling to be responsible for peoples lives and not be sure of yourself. I wouldn't wish that feeling on anyone and to make sure no one feels alone, I have decided to speak.

Now, let's be clear...speaking about my struggles, challenges and failures is NOT easy.  It's never easy to say "I messed up" or "I have no clue of what I'm doing" or how about this one, "I'm just winging it" (IGL, God knows how many times I've said that one) but what I can say is that, if me talking about my experiences helps one person, just one person feel like they are not alone...well then it's all worth it.

Let's be honest...we're all just a tank of jelly fishes floating around, lost and trying to figure it out. I would be mad as hell if I knew one of these floating ninjas knew how to get out of the tank and didn't tell anyone... 

Tobi TajomavwoComment