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Have you ever wanted to get into the Technology scene but don't know where to start as a nurse? On this episode of TobiTalks, Tanya Sam shares her journey of going from bedside RN to starting her own business in tech. Creating pathways to bring more women and minorities into business and technology and giving tips to her nurse crew!

Episode - 031

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Tobi Talks offers engaging dialogues for nurses and aspiring nurses who are looking for advice, in-depth nursing career reviews and encouragement on being a bold millennial in the vast changing world of health care.

The host Tobi, is a modern day conversationalist who will have you filled with laughter and inspiration as she shares the experiences and challenges she faces as a nursing professional. Tune in to each episode, as Tobi speaks with a variety of healthcare specialists, ranging from certified nursing assistants to professional influencers, as they dish out their truths and spill the tea!



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