From RN to Medical Doctor

Dr. Crystal Obih 

I always knew that I would become a Doctor. It has been a burning passion since the age of 3. I started off Studying nursing because I was informed by other nurses who became doctors that is more beneficial to become a nurse rather than major in biology. After I graduated from Texas woman’s University I began to work as a Medical Surgical nurse at Ben Taub hospital. While working as a nurse I went back to school to get the remaining prerequisites for medical school. Two years later after getting all my prerequisite and taking the MCAT, I applied and I got into many schools I chose to go to schools in the Caribbean’s because it was more affordable. So I packed my bags and moved all the way to Saint kits where is I was in 10 medical schools after 2 1/2 years living on the island I did a research program at the University of South California for my MD five semester next I moved to Chicago to complete all my clinical rotations. Currently, my graduation date is set for Aug 9th, 2018. I’m currently preparing to apply for residency for next year. My plan is to specialize in internal medicine. 
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