Episode 014 - How to Choose Nursing after Failing the NCLEX

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Chioma O. BSN, RN 


Nurse Chioma started her journey into nursing back in August 2005. Having applied to her nursing program three times, she was finally accepted and admitted into nursing school after completing her prerequisites.  There she faced many challenges like most nursing students including having to retake one of her classes.

However she continued to remain determined no matter what. Chioma graduated with her BSN in May 2010. She went on to work predominately in medical surgical and telemetry nursing where she acquired much of her experience and took on leadership roles in the hospital setting that involved preceptorship and organized fall prevention committees. It was during her journey of bedside nursing where she really discovered the impact of the shortage of nursing. This experience birthed her desire to start Choosing Nursing LLC. A company started by a nurse with a focus to help nurses especially in the area of successfully completing their licensure exam.

She now works with nursing graduates all over the world including in the United States and Canada, to teach them the skills and knowledge it takes to pass their NCLEX exam. She takes pride in making a difference in the lives of nurses everywhere.

For More details go to: https://choosingnursing.net/

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