Episode 033 - Bringing the conversation of Diversity to Nursing with Nurse Georgie

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Georgina Lydia Villarreal MSN, RN

Georgina is a first generation college student and first in her family to pursue a career in nursing. With love for health and culture she double majored in Health Education and Spanish where she spent 4 years in San Francisco and 1 year abroad in Madrid, Spain. She completed her graduate degree from a nationally ranked nursing program and #1 ranked MSN program for Clinical Nurse Leader at Rush University in Chicago, Illinois. During her time in Chicago, Georgina made her mark on campus by co-creating a diversity and inclusion organization to assist in the recruitment and retention of diverse students, faculty, and staff. Today, it remains one of the largest and most well recognized organizations on campus. Currently, Georgina lives in California and works full time as a Medical Surgical-Oncology Nurse and Entrepreneur.

“My nursing job gives me purpose but entrepreneurship will ultimately give me freedom.”

Her true passion is in leadership and building. As a new graduate she started blogging and using her social media platform to share her journey as a Latina in nursing and entrepreneurship. She launched her first small business in 2018 selling Nurse Life caps, which later inspired New Goals Apparel, a fitness lifestyle brand for health care professionals that promotes fitness and confidence in medicine.

With love for women empowerment, Georgina created the #SheCanBeBoth Campaign to highlight the ever-growing dichotomy of women in medicine. This social media campaign quickly went viral by empowering women in medicine to post and be proud of their multifaceted sides and stories.

Georgina is also an advocate for health and wealth. After graduating with 6-figure debt, she found herself wanting to learn more about financial planning and passive income opportunities. She is currently working alongside a team of nurses and brokers to help teach health care professionals the basics of building and protecting family’s wealth.

Nurse Georgie’s note to self is to dream big, work hard, don’t quit, and make it happen.

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