Episode 011- How to Succeed from FAILING in Nursing School


Tobi Tajomavwo BSN, RN 


Tobi Taj started her nursing career journey when she graduated from high school in 2006. After 4 college transfers, 4 major changes and a few setbacks, Tobi graduated with her BSN in 2013.

The first 2 1/2 years of Tobi's nursing career consisted with her working at the bedside as a pediatric nurse to postpartum nurse, sprinkled with a little bit of NICU experience and ended off with her trying travel nursing. Tobi's journey since 2016 has been discovering where she can make a difference impacting patients lives as nurse away from the bedside and empowering nurses around the world.

Tobi currently works as a Quality Improvement Nurse Specialist, using her management experiences and clinical background to help improve patient safety in Northern California.