Episode 018 - The RESILIENT Nurse

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Monique Doughty (Nurse Mo) RN

I am Monique Doughty, also known as “Nurse Mo”. I am a Critical Care Nurse from Philadelphia, PA. I attended the HBCU Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia. After college, I started my career at the #1 Level Trauma Center in Atlanta, and began working in Intensive Care. I began travel nursing in 2014. Since then, I have traveled to many states working at the top institutions  in the country in various aspects of critical care including Cardiac Intensive Care, Liver Transplant Intensive Care, Trauma Intensive Care and Neurosurgical Critical Care.

I began blogging in 2014. My purpose was to ensure I was being an impactful media representation for African-American healthcare professionals. I have since developed a widespread social media presence. My primary platform is Instagram; @Iamnursmo and @theresilientnurse. With the two social channels combined I have a network of over 162K  following, primarily women. My purpose is to motivate, uplift and empower women to remove limiting beliefs, particularly those of color. My voice is to encourage my audience regardless of where they come from and let them know that their possibilities are limitless. I encourage those facing adversity to use this as a stepping stone to be RESILIENT. My purpose is to speak to not just nurses, but  all women who need a push towards fearlessly believing in their self worth and power .

I work with many well known medical and lifestyle brands as a spokesperson. I am a solo world traveler who provides women with the tools they need to see the world. My career has shifted from the bedside to becoming a full-time influencer and motivational speaker ; hosting uplifting events throughout the country and internationally, speaking about many topics, but always encouraging my listeners to choose faith over fear.

My website, www.theresilientnurse.com serves as a platform for healthcare workers other than myself to share their unique struggles, accomplishments and backgrounds . The Resilient Nurse, serves the medical community as online mentor and advocate for mindfulness and self care.

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