Episode 003 - You Failed Out of Nursing School, Now What?

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Ashley W.  RN

I graduated high school in 2005 with my heart set on nursing school after an amazing field trip at Cook’s Children’s Hospital. Having no family members in the medical field or what all nursing entailed, I knew this was my calling. Little did I know my journey would take seven years to complete, but the journey through it led to an amazing beginning.

There were four college transfers, two community colleges and two universities, and residency in two cities across Texas. Once accepted into the program for my BSN, I failed out unexpectedly at the end of the third semester. Through a short period of heartbreak, I then enrolled in a local community college for their ADN program. I graduated a year and a half later with my ADN in 2014.

My nursing career started shortly after at a local community hospital on a medical-surgical for three years. Then I transitioned into my reason for nursing to a Postpartum unit, currently serving three months. I truly enjoy impacting the lives of families as they embrace a new chapter in their life. I look forward to improving the mother/baby community through skills and education so families can thrive.

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