Episode 004 - From Bedside RN to Clinical Account Executive RN

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Anita R. RN 

I started my nursing journey after graduating high school in 2007. There is nothing else that I’ve ever wanted to do. I started at a community college and graduated with my ADN in 2012.

Right after graduating with my ADN and getting a job, I went back to UT Arlington (online) for my BSN. I got my first nursing job 3 months after graduation on a postpartum unit. I worked postpartum for 3 years before moving to Colorado and starting on a pediatric med surg unit.

After  working on a pediatric unit for almost a year and a half, a friend told me about my current job. I had many doubts about leaving the hospital but after praying about it and really giving it thought, I felt like it was the right career move. So here I am now, an Account Executive for a home infusion company in my home town! 

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