Episode 005- From Bedside RN to CEO of Black Girl Blue Scrubs

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Colea O. MBA, BSN, RN 

Colea Owens MBA, BSN, RN is a Nursing Professional from Cleveland, Ohio who  currently resides in Dallas, Texas. She graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing at 22 as the first  in he first in her family to get a college degree  and within the same month of graduating went back to begin a MBA in Healthcare Administration which she obtained by the age of 24. 

Her nursing experiences are filled with stories of courage, grit and ambition. From overcoming challenges of racism in college and in the professional field to caring for two sick parents while in graduate school (burnout anyone?)  all while blessed enough to explore the many exciting facets of nursing such as nurse leadership, nursing education and travel nursing. Throughout her journey Colea has found her voice in nursing through advocating for  industry wide change and inspiring others to stay in the field.

Colea works in nursing leadership and also serves as the Owner of Black Girl Blue Scrubs LLC, and Founder of The DFW Black Healthcare Professionals.

“Minorities experience additional obstacles to becoming successful in their careers;  Black Girl Blue Scrubs focuses on those barriers specific to Nursing using evidence based research, education and peer mentorship to overcome and The DFW Black Healthcare Professionals creates a supportive community for all those in health-related professions. The mission of both organizations is to empower minority professionals to find their purpose in healthcare, advance in their careers and collectively influence the future of healthcare.”

Colea is passionate about healthcare and speaks on topics of Entrepreneurship and Nursing. She writes for 40 Magazine as an advocate of health and wellness for young professionals and serves as a Civic Leader and Healthcare advocate for the Dallas Mayor Star Council.  

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