Episode 008 - Certified Nurse Assistant...because every Nurse Superhero needs a Bad Ass sidekick!

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David C. PCT 

After starting a support tech job at my local pediatric orthopedic hospital, I learned that I have a gift for helping children forget about their circumstances and feel like themselves again. I love to joke around and make the kids laugh. I am honored to have the opportunity to serve others.

My goal is to go to nursing school, but I wanted learn more about about patient care first. I went to school for my PCT certification, which has allowed me to become more involved in patient care, and see what is involved with a nurses duties on a day to day basis. I have learned a lot in the role and feel like it will make me a better nurse.

Becoming a PCT is a great opportunity for anyone to see what the medical field has to offer. Feel free to check it out, and one day you can become a SUPERDAVE too!